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sleep or feeding problem?

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tammy22 Tue 01-Sep-09 09:03:22

Hi! This is my first post and I would really appreciate your help! I am a mum of 3 and my baby is just over 3 months now. She slept really well to begin with waking once or twice for a quick feed then straight back to sleep. The last month things have gone downhill! She will wake for food twice but every time I put her back down she wakes and cant get back to sleep (Ive tried leaving her a bit but then she fully wakes!) I feed her again and so the pattern continues until she eventually stays asleep. I dont seem to be producing as much milk at the moment and never feel full. When she feeds she isnt getting much when the let down comes (only a few 'big gulps' when she used to get loads) One breast is permenantly smaller and when Ive expressed previously to try a top up at bedtime I can get 4 oz from the 'good side' but 1oz from the other (expressing at same time of day same time since last feed)Id really appreciate any advice...Should I maybe give a bottle of formula at bedtime? Do you think its a sleep problem not being able to get back to sleep herslf or hunger because of a reduced amount of milk? Id really value your opinions here as Im exhausted and dont know whats best to do!

MrsBadger Tue 01-Sep-09 09:20:41

Hello smile
It sounds like a growth spurt to me - it can take a while for your supply to catch up to her increased demand.
Formula won't help as the only thing that will make you make more milk is feeding her more (iyswim) - if she has formula instead you'll end up making less.
If you can hang on for a week or two you'll probably find it settles down by itself.

In the meantime might you consider co-sleeping so at least you don;t have to keep lifting her in and out of the basket, and you can even doze off while still feeding her

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