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Does anyone suffer insomnia a week before they are due on there period?

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hayleybop Thu 27-Aug-09 11:22:21

Hi, I had my first period after DD2 was born last month. Great I had 18 months of no period, due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. I am still breast feeding but not as much as I think she isnt interested anymore.
For the past three nights DD2 has woken me up at 1.30am and I have found it hard to settle back to sleep. I am due on my period next week. I dont feel stressed or anxious, I feel really hot, achy abdominal pains....I just cant settle, I am fully awake and have lots of energy..
Just bought some well women tablets, evening primrose and star flower...
Anyone else had similar experience. I think it is my bloody hormones...god i am only 34 what is it going to be like when I'm 50?

Joolsiam Thu 27-Aug-09 11:30:09

I get this all the time - am TTC and always start wondering if the insomnia is PG related, which makes things worse !

For me, it is the body temperature rise that wakes me up all hot and sweaty (bloody progesterone !) and then I am wide awake. It goes as soon as my period starts (am 39)

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