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Cot to bed ?

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Broms Tue 25-Aug-09 13:28:23

I have a very early morning waking DS (a year now of 4.30-5.15am) and have run out of ideas on how to get him to sleep longer - not only does he wake up early but he screams and screams until I go to him no matter how long I leave him - so I was now thinking if he could play in his room he might be more relaxed? I wondered if 20 months was too young to go into a bed?

AMumInScotland Wed 26-Aug-09 13:36:26

My DS went into a bed at 15 months, because he was close to climbing out of the cot and we figured it was safer - but the bed was very close to the ground so no worries about him being able to get in and out safely. And we had a stairgate.

It might help, or it might mean he comes into your room rather than screaming for you to come to him - I can't guarantee how he'll react. But it's certainly safe to be in a bed if you want to try it.

Broms Thu 27-Aug-09 06:06:35

Many thanks - his continual screaming has now started at bedtime too - took 2.5 hours to get him to bed last night and as previous 3 nights has woken and will not stop screaming until I pick him up and bring him in with me - I give in after 2 hours as I just can't listen to it any more. Only thing I can think it is the cot as he is perfectly fine otherwise when he gets up - he has had less than 5 hours sleep but seems fine............I am not

hancan Sat 03-Oct-09 16:30:48

My ds is 20 months old. and in 8 weeks, we will have a ds2 or a dd!!! I am also having to think through what to do. Ds is happy in his cot so maybe i should just buy another cot. or maybe try a big bed with a guard. my mother thinks i am making my ds grow up too fast. she thinks its hard for him to be the eldest and to be chucked out of his nice comfy cot just because he has a sibling! i am in a quandry!

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