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When is it safe to use a pillow??

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Gemzie1 Tue 25-Aug-09 10:47:39

My DS is nearly 9 months old and is not sleeping through the night. We have recently discovered that if we turn him onto his side he seems to settle back to sleep without needing to be picked up. Is it safe to do this?

We were also thinking of maybe introducing a pillow so that when he does wake and roll onto his back during the night he would still be slightly tilted. Does anyone know when it is safe to introduce a pillow?

I am going back to work soon and would really love for my DS to be sleeping through.

Any thoughts please?

bubblagirl Tue 25-Aug-09 11:00:28

we used a pillow under mattress to raise it at this age a pillow is recommended to lay on at around a yr

SparkyToo Sat 29-Aug-09 20:30:07

Our boys started off with a little toddler pillow which we had made up to fit inside the duvet and pillow bed set I bought from Gordonsbury at the time (now about 6 years ago and couldn't find a little cot bed pillow at the time). You can now get one these toddler pillows as part of this children's duvet and pillow bed set. Our boys both loved their little pillow and because it wasn't a full size adult pillow we didn't worry about it so much.

The advice is not to let them have a pillow before the age of one, though.

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