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5 week old refusing to go back to sleep anywhere but in moses basket

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pippa251 Mon 24-Aug-09 05:45:52


Basically i have a 5 week old who is mostly a good sleeper- usually gives us a 4-5 hour block between 9-1\2am however when she wakes for a feed she wont go back in her moses basket- i haven't been minding and am letting her fall back to sleep on my chest and I tend to doze for an hour or so but I am finding that she wakes more regularly on my chest than in the basket but seems happier. I know i'm lucky getting 6 -7 hrs per night but there are some nights- like tonight when she doesn't sleep for the block tonight it only lasted 2 1/2 hrs so the rest of the night was a nightmare!

As she is so small i've been happy to indulge this but I am worried it
a) my not be safe- due to all the warnings the medical profession give about sharing a bed
b) perhaps its setting her in the wrong sleep habits (I have just been asuming she's to small to learn and it will be easier to change later on)

So my questions are-

any tips for getting her to resettle in basket?
should i just go with her flow at the mo?
When do you try to establish sleep routine- we have regular bath bed time now but i mean about where she sleeps
When does it get better? I need to see some light

brewsterbear Mon 24-Aug-09 17:00:57

I did this with dd2 as she seemed to like the up/down motion.

Eventually she seemed happier to go into her moses basket on her own, periodically I placed her into her moses basket after a feed-- if she looked upset I would get her out and let her fall asleep on me.
One day I put her in and she seemed fine so I left her! It must be very reassuring for them: the rhythm, smell etc.. I think eventually they stop needing the same level of comfort.


kathyis6incheshigh Mon 24-Aug-09 17:03:42

we were advised:
make the Moses basket as cosy as you can - eg dark coloured sheets, warm it with a hot water bottle; also sometimes they don't like lying flat so put blankets under the mattress at the head end to tilt it.
worked for us!

pippa251 Tue 25-Aug-09 05:29:42

thankyou so much for advice i tilted mattress and i got 8 hours sleep !

kathyis6incheshigh Tue 25-Aug-09 11:57:06

Course, she probably won't tonight wink
Still as long as you get the magic 4 hours which keeps you sane....

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