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help - 20 week old waking every hour!

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SlightlyDoolally Sat 22-Aug-09 17:53:09

Please someone reassure me that this passes! My 20wk old DS who was waking every 2-3 hours through the night is now waking every hour. Last night we had 10 wake-ups between 9 and 6 (the longest he will believe it is bedtime).

I bf him back to sleep (he is exclusively bf) and he is taking a feed of 10-15 mins each time.

Is this a growth spurt? I thought every 2 hours was bad, but waking every hour is just impossible. I don't think we can co-sleep as he will only sleep swaddled and we have failed each time we have tried to bf lying on the bed.

Not sure there is a "solution" as such (although I would welcome any suggestions), but PLEASE someone tell me you've been here and it passes. I am truly desperate and cannot cope any more on no sleep.

Chulita Sat 22-Aug-09 21:15:53

This will pass, it's just a phase!
DD has always been an awful sleeper, she had her first ever full night 10 days ago at the grand age of 8.5mths...and it was a one-off. At 20 wks she was waking every hour too so I know exactly how you feel sad It is a phase, we've been stuck on 2-3 feeds a night since about 5 months and hoping to cut it down to one at some point but hey ho!! Life goes on (somehow) Make sure you try and get some naps in if possible during the day and know you're not alone, a lot of us have been there and still are some nights grin
[big hugs and fingers crossed for tonight]

smilesalot Mon 21-Sep-09 10:25:48


My 20 week old little girl wakes a lot in the night and was waking every couple of hours, it went to every hour for a couple of weeks, it is exchausting!

she is now down to 2/3 feeds between 11.30 and 7 am there is 2 things i can think of, 1 is that i have started drinking more water and my breast definately feel fuller, they had got to the point where i waws wondering if they were working as they always felt very empty! the other thing is that she is napping more in the day now! she has never been a big sleeper but i have found the more naps she has in the day the better she sleeps at night!

Good luck i hope it gets better soon! xx

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