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Does anyone have any tips for how I can get DD (7 months) to sleep for longer and not wake at 5am?!

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iwouldgoouttonight Thu 20-Aug-09 09:43:57

She is waking at 5am every day crying - sometimes I feed her then and sometimes not, but either way she won't go back to sleep. She then seems quite happy and awake for the day but if we try to leave her so we can go back to bed she cries.

She's then awake till about 11am when she'll sleep for half an hour.

She'll sleep again for half an hour at some point during the afernoon, and then goes to bed at 7pm.

I think we need to try to get her to sleep more in the day so she could maybe stay up for a bit longer in the evening so she'll sleep in later in the morning, but short of putting her in the car and driving for two hours every day I can't seem to get her to stay asleep! Its as though she doesn't really need any more more sleep, she's very happy and active when she's awake.

She is on solid food now, we're doing BLW and she seems to be eating quite a bit now, she's cut back herself on her milk feeds a bit. So I don't think its hunger, because she's the same at 5am whether I fed her or not, its as though she thinks its morning and just wants company.

We've tried bringing her into our bed but she just chats to herself and wriggles and kicks so we don't get any more rest and she is still awake!

Even if we could just get her to sleep till 6am it would be great!

iwouldgoouttonight Thu 20-Aug-09 15:55:04

I think its really the daytime naps I'd like to increase - an hours sleep all day doesn't seem like enough for a seven month old does it?

artifarti Thu 20-Aug-09 20:12:59

IME, putting an early riser to bed later doesn't always result in them getting up later. I wish.

Some people swear by putting them to bed earlier as weirdly some DCs sleep later if you do this? Would she be tired enough to go to bed half an hour or so earlier? Might be worth a try for a few nights?

choosyfloosy Thu 20-Aug-09 20:15:25

The only thing I would suggest is moving your own bedtime to about 7.30pm. Sorry sad. At some point she will amalgamate her daytime naps into one and life will improve markedly for a bit, though the early waking may continue.

Oh yes, and the nights are finally drawing in - autumn may help quite a bit. Damn you, summer sunshine!

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