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DD(23MO) & DS(11WO) having trouble going sleep, not sure wot 2 do

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gembobs Mon 17-Aug-09 23:19:23

My DD is in her big bed in her own room, at night she keeps getting out of bed and going 2 the door and opening it and stands listening out for the activities downstairs and wants 2 b apart of it, we do the right thing by going up 2 her and putting her in it but that makes it worse as she does it more, we have 2 ignore her completely which normally ends up with her asleep at the door or her waking her brother up. We have tried moving her bedtime so she is really tired at bedtime but that hasn't worked. It is making her tired and as she don't like a daytime sleep she ends up so overtired that she falls asleep about 3/4pm.

My DS these past 3/4 nights i have been struggling 2 settle him, i am the one who puts him 2 bed as he will only settle 4 me and i usually go up swaddle him, give him bottle then when he has finished his bottle give him his dummy then hold him till he asleep properly and it has been working till recently, now when he has finshed his bottle he lies there talking 2 me or spits his dummy out and tonight he woke as soon as he heard a noise except 4 his sister which he will just sleep through. Don't ask 2 put in cot and leave him, tried that he just cries till he gets a reaction. During the day he haedly has any sleep so that ain't a problem (he has three 15/20 minutes).
We do have a friends DD staying with us and she has been holding baby but i am thinking that is the problem as he ain't used 2 anyone else except me holding him.

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