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17mo disrupted routine - suddenly won't go to bed without us

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bluepanda Mon 17-Aug-09 22:47:43

My ds has happily settled himself at night for a few months now, even after i stopped bf. Suddenly on saturday he howled when i left him, and I ended up cuddling him to sleep. The last two nights either me or dh have sat with him in his room while he drifts off. He sobs pitifully when i walk out of room and calls 'mama' - i'm a bit too soft to do anything other than go with it blush I'm not quite sure what has triggered it, but my father in law died two weeks ago and dh and i have spent a few long days away, and dh was away this weekend. Could that be it? If so, what do I do to get him back into his old going to bed good habits??

ches Tue 18-Aug-09 02:51:23

There's a second separation anxiety phase between 18 months and 2 years. There's also nasty molars which are easy to ignore when busy during the day but hurt at night when all alone in the dark.

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