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how to teach baby to lie down?

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robinred Mon 17-Aug-09 15:46:54

My 14month old has been a great sleeper since four months old normally right through.
The last few days she seems to have lost it though. She's not crawling only bum shuffling and walking with our help but in the last few days she's discovered she can sit and stand up in her cot she gets up and then i can only think that she doesn't know how to lie back down and so (i think) gets scared and starts to cry.
She's been waking in the night doing it and at her lunch time nap.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Do i leave her cry? Do i teach her how to lie down? If so how?
Any suggestions very welcome. Thank you

BelleAtrix Mon 17-Aug-09 17:01:45

bumping for you as I was just about to post the same grin

9.5mth old is just standing crying in cot and not sleeping - the only way we can get him to sleep is in the pram, having previously been ok at settling in the cot.

Any wise mums out there to help?!!

jumpjockey Mon 17-Aug-09 17:10:18

Another one needing the answer... dd doing the same at nights, really really sleepy, lie her down and ping she's back up again. Often she's so tired she cries but can't stop herself bobbing back up (sigh). Someone on a similar thread suggested trying to gently hold the baby down in the bed so they can wriggle but not stand up.

BelleAtrix Mon 17-Aug-09 17:16:10

ha ha we all seek the holy grail!

I have just spent 1hr10mins getting ds to sleep - put him down tired (in the BW "window") and gave him toys, as I read elsewhere.

25mins of quiet playing and I thought, yes, it works.... Oh No - he stands up, and has been crying ++ for 40mins.

He has finally gone to sleep after I stood out side the room watching him through the crack in the door, and going in and lying him down every 5 mins, giving him a kiss then walking out. I wasn't cuddling and settling him as I have done before.

I hate this - but I am really hoping it will be quicker. My SIL still holds her dc to sleep after 3 months of this, and I really want to avoid this!

robinred Tue 18-Aug-09 18:45:34

ok i've found something - don't know if it will work for everyone but...
Put in a large length baby sleeping bag so there's extra room at the bottom - tuck it under the matress with a thin sheet across the top. baby has a bit of room to move but can't quite get up. Also started giving her bottle in bed.
One night, one nap seems to work. fingers crossed!

jumpjockey Tue 18-Aug-09 21:51:31

robinred that sounds like a plan - dd is very good at twizzling herself over to try and get up and her legs end up all spiralled in the grobag which just frustrates her I did manage to get her to lie down eventually tonight after about 8 bobbings back up, she got halfway to her knees then went to sleep bum in the air grin

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