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My new born is sleeping better thatn my 2 year old

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Samten Mon 17-Aug-09 12:40:27

Any advice welcome.

My 2.3 DS has never been great at sleeping through, although he has always gone to bed well and has a good routine. We have tried various strategies to get him to settle himself when he wakes in the night, but always end up falling at the last hurdle. For the last month we have done controlled crying and he was settling after 5 minutes shouting, but still waking up, so we extended our first visit to 10 minutes. He goes back to bed really well and just wants tucking in, something we have been practising at bed time. He may wake later in the night as well and the same thing happens.

We also have an 8 week old who is sleeping well at present but is unsettled by his brothers shouting, although doesn't wake fully.

DS1 refuses to sleep in the day

It appears that he still needs that little bit of intervention from us to go back to sleep. Should we abaondon the controlled crying and settel him asap and has anyone done reward at this age?

ches Tue 18-Aug-09 03:11:04

I don't think there's any point doing reward as he most likely has no recollection of waking in the night. DS 2.5 wakes repeatedly at night, lately throwing 2 minute paddies on the floor before going "I want my Mommy" and getting back into bed. (Bloody molars. ) The only waking he remembers in months of this is the one time DH shouted at him to get back into bed.

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