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10.5 month old waking 4 times a night.... What happened to sleep?

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bearhug Mon 17-Aug-09 09:42:22

My DS used to wake for a BF once a night and then sleep till morning, which I was perfectly happy with. The last week or so he's started waking up for a feed every few hours again. ARGHHH.

Is this a growth spurt time? Part of the problem seems to be that when he wakes he stands up in his cot rather than just settle down to sleep again, and is much more awake as a result.

I am very tired...

blondissimo Mon 17-Aug-09 10:09:02

Might it be that he's teething and not necessarily hungry, but that a feed helps him settle and take his mind off it?

I haven't fed my ds in the night since 3 months old, and he used to sleep through, so I just try to settle him some other way.

Though if the feeding helps and is not a problem to you in the night then do whatever it takes!!!

greensnail Mon 17-Aug-09 10:14:32

Hi, no advice but DD has been doing this the last week too.

She's 7.5 month and has been sleeping through for a couple of months, this last week she's been up 4 times a night. I think its her teeth bothering her, or maybe the weather.

I've been feeding her to get her back to sleep but I'm not sure if this is making the problem worse, as she now seems to be feeding less during the day to make up for it.

I'm just hoping this passes soon, I'm so tired!

ches Tue 18-Aug-09 03:13:22

You've probably got a combination of teething, growth spurt (DS had a huge one at 11 months -- only way I could tell was he actually ate some food!) and learning to pull up.

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