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has anyone bought and used the "sleepsense programme"

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princessdaisyboo Sun 16-Aug-09 13:38:13

hi, im getting desperate to get my 9 month old ds to sleep through and stop having a bottle in night and ive found this "sleepsense programme" on the net which you buy for £28 and its a book that you download, sounds good but im dubious about paying for it feels like it could be just a con, has anyone used it and would you recommend it?

thisisyesterday Sun 16-Aug-09 13:40:28

never heard of it, but we used the no-cry sleep solution book by elizabeth pantley at around 9/10 months which was good.
tbh at 9 months your baby may just not be ready to drop the night feed.

i definitely found that doing sleep trainiing was a lot more hard work than just giving ds2 a feed lol

princessdaisyboo Sun 16-Aug-09 14:38:03

i know when ive tried just giving water etc and just keep giving dummy like health visitor said ive been in and out about 10 times a night so im more tired than giving a 10 min bottle! sleep sense is by Dana Obleman.
hv says there is no way he needs the feed in the night and its just habit, but he does drink the whole bottle whereas in the day he has hardly any at all but she said it i refused it in the night then he would take it in the day instead?

ches Sun 16-Aug-09 15:46:42

The HV is just plain wrong. It is very common and perfectly normal for them to need a night feed, not only for physiological reasons, into their second year. You can't drop a whole bottle all of a sudden; that's a lot of fluid intake and calorie intake to cut out in one fell swoop. You can phase it out slowly by offering less and less in the bottle and he will make up for it either with a bigger morning drink or in small amounts through the day.

thisisyesterday Mon 17-Aug-09 14:44:28

well i wonder how the HV would feel if someone said to her one day that if she felt thirsty in the middle of the night it was tough luck, she was old enough to go without>?

i don't know where they get these arbitrary "facts" from. how does she know when babies are hungry or not?>

the fact that the dummy/water doesn't settle him indicates to me that he does need the feed. and it's surely easier to just give it to him than faff around trying to make him not have it?

if i was going to try and wean a child off a nighttime feed i would do it gradually, so just cut it down by half an ounce every few days or somehing like that so he gets less and less, and try and encourage him to have more in the day.

princessdaisyboo Mon 17-Aug-09 21:22:08

i have taken most of her suggestions with a pinch of salt as she just doesnt seem to really know what she is on about half the time!!! he is a big baby and he is also lactose intolerant so his milk is his main source of calcium, so i might start reducung it bit by bit and then offer more in the day,
thanks for your ideas

DunderMifflin Mon 17-Aug-09 21:28:21

If it helps, my DS is 1 next week (smile) and sometimes he gets thirsty in the night (especially when he has a cold) and other times not - just like the rest of us!

I've heard his tummy grumbling before and, as others have said, it only takes 10mins to feed him and he goes straight back to sleep - I'd rather this than having to keep going to see him because he won't settle as he's hungry.

Go with your instinct!

Nice post thisisyesterday!!

NRJ3 Mon 12-Sep-11 00:10:00

Do not pay for Sleepsense Programme by Dana Obleman, it is a complete con. Usually I do not fall for these kinds of things but i was so tired and desperate. When I googled to find help getting baby to sleep it was the top hit site. I stumped up the cash to receive the electronic package including a whole load of so called freebies. The site claimed I would receive the package in minutes and to contact customer services if not. Around a month later I have received nothing (except a whole load of spam) despite chasing with their customer services department - they have just stopped responding to me. I have subsequently asked for a refund and am waiting for their response.

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