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help - I fell like i'm digging myself into a hole!!

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fluce Sat 15-Aug-09 12:32:11

My 4 month old DS had extreme colic as a newborn and lactose intolerance, as a consequence of the constant crying the only way to get him to sleep was to feed him or hold/rock him. Now with his colic (mostly) gone he is just unable to settle himself to sleep and I spend all evening with him on my lap terrified of waking him - when I eventually do get him down he wakes every hour distressed to be his cot and usually ends up with me. I feel this is a terrible habit to get into but i can't see anyway out, I have tried settling him in his cot but I can be there for hours on end with no result - he just crys or thinks its playtime and wide awake. He is the same for daytime naps.

This situation is impacting on my moods (crying one minute, shouting the next, then wired and happy), hubby sleeps in separate room on work nights which I hate and generally hacked of with it all!!

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