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21 month old fighting sleep

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tuftysays Thu 13-Aug-09 20:43:26

DD1 went to sleep easily for first 6 months or so, then fell asleep while bfing (I know, rod for my own back) so it continued to be easy up to about 12 months. It then started to get harder, gradually, and is now a bit of a battle. She was fully weaned by 15/16 months, and she is now in a bed (she's quite tall for her age, and I caught her hanging off the top of the cot and was worried she'd hurt herself on the wooden floor). She much prefers the bed to the cot (it got to the point she would scream every time she was put in cot) but of course she can get out of bed at will - maybe that's why she prefers it! Bedtime routine has been the same since about 6 months, supper around 5, bath around 6, then to her room for milk, stories, lights out around 7.15. She's never really grasped the concept of going to sleep by herself, and I stay with her until she does. But it is now taking so long - sometimes up to 8.30 - with so much messing around, in and out of bed, asking for more books etc etc, all diversion tactics. I leave the room every time she gets out of bed to try to teach her to stay in, but even that has become a joke to her, she points at the door and tells me to go, then wails a bit and bangs until I come back, about a minute later. Sometimes I end up rocking her to sleep, which is no solution. (Nap time is similar) And DD2 is due end of September, so I'm beginning to panic about how to resolve situation. Oh and we're supposed to be moving house, by beginning of September, just to add to the fun! Sorry such a long post, any advice gratefully received.

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