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Silly question...does your baby sleep through with a dummy?

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hayleybop Thu 13-Aug-09 20:14:59

My DD has been using a dummy for the past month now, she is 9 months old. Nap times are a breeze now and she dosnt need walking, rocking, bf to sleep anymore but she does have a dummy.
The nights have got a little easier also as I am trying to waen off the bf at night, only one feed and 2 wake ups, 1st wake up pop the dummy in at 12.30-1.30am and then I've tryed this at 3.30-4.30 and she dosnt cry, just sucks on her dummy but wont settle back to sleep...I have been there for an hour a few nights just patting and shushing but she wakes up and thinks it's play time so I give in and feed her, I pull her off and stick the dummy in and her comfort blanket so she is still awake and then she nods off if i ignore her...
So would like to know does anyones baby sleep through using a dummy in there mouth all through the night...?

RunJHC Thu 13-Aug-09 20:59:02

Hi not a silly question! My DS is 5 months and he sleeps through sometimes (when he's not teething or got a cold!). He uses the dummy to go to sleep and then once he's in a deep sleep he'll spit it out.

We feed him just before bedtime at 7ish then do a dreamfeed at 11. At 7 he'll need the dummy to go to sleep but after the dreamfeed if he's stayed asleep through the feed we just put him down without the dummy.

He tends to wake either about 6/7am when I just get him up or sometimes he wakes about 4/5am when I just pop the dummy back in and he goes straight back to sleep. We've used a dummy since he was about 1 month old. Sorry bit different to your situation but HTH anyway.

kittypink Fri 14-Aug-09 13:05:32

Hia, We use a dummy with DD and she absolutely does not sleep through! She has stopped feeding through the night though. She has a feed before bed at 7.30/8 then a dreamfeed at 10.30.

If dd is waking up hungry then maybe its best that you give her a feed, bf babies sometimes do need to feed more at night. Or you could try a bottle or cup with water in if you think it is that she is thirsty.

I totally understand the need to wean her off the night feeds!

My DD wakes at 4am every night and wants to play, she just plays with her dummy. It could just be habit that she wakes at similar time every night.

I don't really have any advice for that as we are struggling with the same problem at the moment. I do wish you luck though.

princessdaisyboo Sat 15-Aug-09 08:30:10

im in a similar situation too, m ds is 9 months, has a dummy for all sleeps and still wakes for a bottle feed at around 1.30am, but sometimes he wakes upto 3 -6 times a night and its just for me to put his dummy back in, im going to try get rid of the dummy as i think he would sleep longer without it and then also drop this night feed as im sure its habit and not real hunger that is waking him, he has 4 large meals a day plus snacks.
my dd had a dummy at first but she wasnt really bothered with it but she would wake repeatedly all night for me to put it back in so at 4 months i stopped giving it her she just had a comforter toy and she slept so much better straight away.
I think dummies are good at first but then they become a problem in the night, well they seem to with my children, good luck x

hayleybop Sat 15-Aug-09 13:27:51

yes your right princedaisyboo, I have been restricting tthe dummy, maybe I should just use it for naps as it's so easy and then slowly wean her off it. Going to try tonight with no dummy....It's difficult for me as I have a 2.5 year old and if DD2 wakes up crying she will wake up DD1 which happened last night so the dummy comes in handy when you need one of them to be quite!!!what to do?

princessdaisyboo Sun 16-Aug-09 13:32:40

i know this is just the same in my house, if dd wakes up she is up for ages so i cant let ds cry or make too much noise so this is why i give in and get him a bottle of keep getting up to put his dummy in,
i did put him down the other night with no dummy and after his bottle in muddle of night he was fine without it but then at 6.15 am he woke again and wouldnt go back off so i gave in and gave him the dummy just to get another hours sleep! its sooo hard, my daughter was nothing like this she slept for 12 hours a night from 6 weeks but then went through a bad patch at 4 months with the dummy this is when i got rid of it with her and she slept all night immediatly.

ive been looking at buying the sleepsense programme of the net but its £28, not sure if its just a rip off con, going to put a post on to see if anyone has tried it.

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