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Put DD2 in her own room tonight ! Anyone had better success with them in there own room?

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hayleybop Mon 10-Aug-09 20:11:09

Have just put DD2 in her own room, well large cupboard!!!
Figured that I keep waking her up when I need the toilet!
I have BF to sleep but plan to wean her off the boob at night...
I will then start to put her in her cot awake but I will be there to calm her to sleep, by patting her back and shushing...
She wakes up 3 or 4 times a night which frankly I am sick of now, i think she can smell my boob juice so wakes up also from habit.
She is quite a clingy baby at night time and even putting her back in the cot in our room is a struggle, with the sides off the cot it is easier...
However I did this with my DD1 and slowly it worked.. She slept through at 10 months..
I have another cot by our bed incase I get fed up and just want to go to sleep and let everything go out of the window...
So she has been BF tonight but tomorrow that wont be the goes nothing....she is 9 months old BTW.

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