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what age does naps stop

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leeanne1407 Thu 06-Aug-09 16:20:54

my son has never sleept a full night in his life, it drives me mad sometimes he just constantly wakes up through the nigh, but as for a nap through the day what age should this stop at becuase hes never really had a routine for an afternoon nap, if im out he will mabee fall asleep in his pram other days he just wont have a nap and becuase hes going into nursery this year im not sure if they will try get him to take a nap and im a bit worried, he will be 2 years old next week

blondissimo Thu 06-Aug-09 19:16:53

I think they say they should have an afternoon nap until the age of four, but I don't know any four yr olds that have a nap! A friend of mine's ds topped his naps before the age of 2, but my sister's ds still has an hour in the morning and half hour in the afternoon. I think they just go with the flow at nursery - I wouldn't worry about it too much.

blondissimo Thu 06-Aug-09 19:17:29

stopped his naps I mean!

cat64 Thu 06-Aug-09 19:26:10

Message withdrawn

bethdivine Thu 06-Aug-09 19:37:10

DS is 2.6 and stopped naps a couple of months ago unless we're out and about with pram or car. In nursery they take him up to the sleep room if he looks sleepy and if not, take him through for quiet story time. I think in nursery they're (the children) quite different and tend to follow the crowd more, so if their friends still sleep, they sleep, if their friends go off for stories, they want to too. - Only thing to watch for is if they don't have a nap in nursery, watch out on the way home for droopy eyes and keep the chat going so they don't drop off just as you get home!

leeanne1407 Fri 07-Aug-09 14:46:10

ok thanks for the advice
will do beth can just imagine it just now shutting the eyes then been up all night, the joys eh

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