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Should I just be grateful??

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Lea2003 Tue 24-May-05 21:12:19

My dd 19 months is still bouncing around the cot 1hr and 20 mins after bedtime - she is quite happy chatting etc.

This has started since she has worked out how to undo her GroBag.

She is tired in the evening but perks up when she gets into bed.

Gets an hr to hr +1/2 until 1pm in the day and sleeps from 7.45 (ok 9 at the moment) til 7am.

Should I just leave her be or any advice??

PS She is trying to get out of the cot - but is way off at the moment - worried in case she plays all night when we get to a big bed.

tillykins Tue 24-May-05 21:14:40

Depends how much you want her to sleep - if she goes off at 7.45, she might be getting up at 5.30...

I should leave her since she is happy playing, infact, I'd stick some books in her cot and let her get on with it!

spod Tue 24-May-05 21:16:18

Message deleted

darlingbud Tue 24-May-05 21:17:47

why not try putting her to bed a bit later? say 8.15?

Lea2003 Tue 24-May-05 21:19:04

Maybe tired- she is with childminder 3 days and never sleeps as well - will sleep an hour max there. she sleeps for 2 hrs at home in daytime - have been waking her earlier from naps thinking this will make her more tired for night time.

Have jst been in - sleeping bag off - lying upside down to where I left her - now settling down.

Do you think its worth putting sheets etc on bed or just hoping its a phase?

spod Tue 24-May-05 21:20:50

Message deleted

Lea2003 Tue 24-May-05 21:23:39

Will try anything - she took months to sleep through the night without crying - the only other thing i can think of is that she is teething (again!!) maybe thats disrupting her too?

spod Tue 24-May-05 21:26:40

Message deleted

Lea2003 Tue 24-May-05 21:29:36

Wish I'd spoken to you earlier - had exactly the same wind problems - dd had reflux and colic which didn't help the sleep HV etc didn't seem to believe that wind was stopping her sleep.

spod Tue 24-May-05 21:33:51

Message deleted

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