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Pussnbootz Wed 05-Aug-09 12:17:59

hi all im new to this and looking for some advice , my little girl is 20 months old n recently has started waking up every other night or so , changin her and puttin her straight back down is not workin , she just creates havoc til she gets a bottle of milk, cant understand this as she has always slept all night since 7 weeks old , spoken to health visitor and she says she is getting plenty to eat , can anyone give me some advice on this please ?

MrsPurple Wed 05-Aug-09 23:54:12

My DD1 did something similar, slept through from 3 weeks and then around 18 months started waking up.

We didn't give her milk, but eventually changed her from cot to cotbed and she slept though after that.

Could she be getting cold or if she is in a cot maybe it's no longer comfortable due to her size etc.

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