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8 week old not sleeping anymore - will it pass?

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mcflumpy Mon 03-Aug-09 09:13:10

Hi my 8 week old (born 3 weeks early) DD always has been a very restless sleeper, she thrashes around, grunts groans, makes all sorts of very loud noises in her sleep, but up until a few nights ago she was sleeping anywhere from 6-8 hours a night, albeit, the put down time varied greatly.

Now when I put her down, she sleeps for around 10 mins, and wakes up, have to get her up calm her down put her down, then same happens again, EVENTUALLY she will go to sleep but now is only sleeping for 3 hours max at night, and during the day hardly sleeping at all, maybe like 2 short naps.

I do think she is going through a growth spurt as she is feeding more, is this related?

We don't have a routine as such, except trying to do bathtime each night around the same time and we put her down in her basket in our room, blinds closed etc.

Any advice would be much appreciated, we were so pleased when she started having longer periods of sleep for her own sake as she always seems tired (and we quite enjoyed the extra couple of hours too!)

mcflumpy Mon 03-Aug-09 09:19:04

Should've said, we still swaddle using miracle balnket, otherwise she'd wake herslef up by punching her nose or something with the flailing arms!...

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