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Daughter prefers to sit up in cot than sleep in it!

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starrmummy Thu 30-Jul-09 10:02:29

Hi all - my 1 year old has just discovered how to push herself up into a sitting position in the cot and prefers to sit up and play than sleep! Last night we put her down at about 7.30pm but she didn't drop off till 8.45pm. She wasn't complaining (except for when she had thrown all of her toys out of the cot and there was nothing to entertain her!) but it means she gets less sleep at night. She also does it in the afternoon when she is supposed to nap. She has gone from having three hours of sleep during the day and 12 hours at night to about one to one and a half hours during the day and 10 hours at night. Is this normal and any ideas for getting her to sleep when I put her in her cot?

ches Thu 30-Jul-09 13:27:38

If she's happy, leave her to it. The novelty will wear off and she'll get back to her sleep pattern.

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