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Nap training - please help!

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GumtreeGirl Wed 29-Jul-09 10:29:52

On day 2 of trying to teach my 6 month old to nap without me being there to cuddle him to sleep.

I've tried to start a nap-time routine - change his nappy, have a story in his darkened room, and have his taggy blanket along as a sleep association.

I wait until he's sleepy in my arms, then put him in his cot and leave.

Absolutely sod-all joy so far - today he's clearly tired (bags under his eyes, and quick to get grouchy), but the moment his bum hits the mattress he's awake and crying, then either screams for an hour, or gets up on hands and knees and grumbles himself into an 'awake and interested' frame of mind. While of course getting more tired by the minute.

I PUPD if his crying gets really frantic, otherwise if it's a low-level grizzle I'll leave him.

But already I'm unhappy and stressed, partly because I fear what he'll be like at the end of the day and how it will affect his overnight sleep (which at the moment is great - 8pm until 7am or so).

What am I doing wrong? Or, if I'm doing OK, how long does this last? I'm miserable at the mo (and he will be too, by the end of the day)

StinkyFart Wed 29-Jul-09 10:35:06

Does he go to bed at night without being cuddled to sleep?

I would be inclined to forget about nap training for the moment, he is still very young

you could try popping him in the buggy and rocking it, or sticking it in front of the washing machine, if you like

good luck

GumtreeGirl Wed 29-Jul-09 13:19:34

StinkyFart - thanks for your reply. Yes, he usually goes out like a light right after his bath/ grobag/ milk routine.

I'm confused by your suggestion that he might be too young - I had read elsewhere that babies of 6-8 months would be fine with this, and in fact would be harder to teach when they're much older. Not saying you're wrong, I'm just confused .

In a way I'd love to leave it longer - I actually like cuddling him to sleep, and it gives me lazy time on the sofa, BUT I also think that he's got too used to relying on me or DH, to the point that if he so much as thinks we're heading cot-wards, he wakes and starts yelling.

Hey ho - he's gone down now after his midday feed - brief shouting and then sleep. To be repeated tomorrow, probably.

GwarchodwrPlant Wed 29-Jul-09 15:23:30

Another one here for 'nap- training'.

Ds is 10mths old and I can get him off quite easily for his daytime naps but he will only ever sleep for 30mins to the second. I can time my waych by him and it's maddening!

Half hour naps are no good as he wakes up tired and groggy and spends his time betwen naps fighting tirdness. He needs a good hour at the very least and I just don't know how to make him sleep longer so I will be watching this thread with you with interest and pary that someone comes along with some good advice.

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