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Help! 10 month good sleeper now former good sleeper

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lulu1414 Sun 26-Jul-09 08:42:16

I am feeling very despondent. My DD is 10 months (8 1/2 corrected) she used to be a "good sleeper" in that she would go down easily at 7pm and wake a couple of times a night, but went straight back to sleep. A month or so ago she slept through the night for a week (yay!) 7pm-5am. Then she had a few very unsettle nights then back to 3 nights of sleeping through. now it feels like everything has changed. She now wakes 2 in the night at random times and will not settle. We are trying not to feed her as we now know she can go without, but even when I do feed her out of desperation she just cries. She is fine if I am in the room, but cries as soon as I leave. Is this separation anxiety? I'm SO tired and feeling very frustrated.

MsF Sun 26-Jul-09 22:58:20


(just wondered if she is pulling herself up in cot- and struggling to get down again...sounds daft....but she sounds that age! Parents of 'good sleeper' have often told me this is a prob....but none of my 3 were good unable to advise you further!)

lulu1414 Mon 27-Jul-09 10:15:41

Thanks- yes, she has just learned how to pull herself up in her cot, but I don't think that is it as when I go in she is laying down. Although she can pull herself up when sitting she hasn't yet figured out how to get from lying to sitting! But she does seem to be arching her back and trying to roll- so perhaps that is it?????

Same thing last night- awake and crying at 3:30. I went in at 4 min then 6 then 10 min intervals. After the third she eventually went to sleep. Of course, she will woke at 5am as usual (sigh!). It has been a week now, so I am hoping it will soon resolve itself.

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