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8 month old just started usung a dummy that she found in the toy box! But it does help her to self settle!

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hayleybop Sat 25-Jul-09 21:50:38

DD1 didnt have a dummy so I was pretty much against them, now DD2 found one in the toy box last week and she loves it...i thought it was cute at first. She dosnt have all the time as I want her speech to develope, it is good on one hand. I have stopped breast feeding her to sleep pop the dummy in and she soothes herself to sleep when placed in the cot. I just tryed to take it off her and she was really cross...I know the answer is to just stop giving it to her but it is so easy with it and bed times...
What are your views on dummies? Does your child have one and are you concerned about there speech development or them becoming to attached and how difficult is it to give up?

thisisyesterday Sat 25-Jul-09 21:56:18

my first 2 had/have dummies and it didn't affect speech at all

am interested how she found one when you don't use them, thoigh! where on earth did it come from??? lol

ches Sun 26-Jul-09 04:47:48

The American Academy of Pediatrics says to introduce a dummy at 6 months because there is a lower incidence of SIDS that way. I think that the shine will wear off the dummy and that you can keep them for in the cot only if not. I have never heard of dummies interfering with speech. Teeth, yes, but speech, no.

hayleybop Sun 26-Jul-09 10:01:23

Ha the dummy we bought when she was 3 days old as the midwife recommended it as DD2 was just sucking on my boobs for longer than needed. She refused it so we chucked it in with the toys for DD1 to play with her dolly...

hayleybop Sun 26-Jul-09 10:04:39

I was ready some website about it interfering with there speech also we had a first aid course and the guy said to forget about dummies as they they are bad for speech development and also can cause a lisp.

We let our 12 month old have one for naps and if he is very unhappy about something (i.e. has bumped his head) but no other times. As he is not yet talking in his sleep I doubt this will hinder his speech development.

sandcastles Sun 26-Jul-09 10:17:58

I have worked in dentistry for 15 years & never heard of a dummy causing a lisp!

They only way I can think of that it would cause speech problems is if the dummy was in 24/7. Dd1 (now 5) had one from birth, she used it until she was 3, but only for naps/sleep. She has lovely teeth & wonderful speech.

She gave it over one xmas, she left them for santa for the new babies. She had a few unsettled nights while trying to adjust.

Lundie Thu 30-Jul-09 00:18:06

I thought I would be against dummies, but I had a really sookie baby and wanted to be permenantly attached to my boobs. Health visitor suggest try soother. Baby rejected at first. We used at a later date to settle her and continue to use it as and when needed. Usually to help settle her if crying and to aid sleep if required. Only use it for a few minutes and then take it out again. She does not rely on it. I don't agree with babies having dummies/soothers in their mouths all the time.

myweestars Thu 30-Jul-09 08:44:55

My DS1 had one from 4 weeks, gave it to the easter bunny (surprisingly without a fight!) just before his 3rd birthday. Hasn't effected his speach and has lovely teeth. DS2 has one, he is 15 months, again he will get this taken off him before the age of 3.

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