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Anyone just have a mattress on the floor in baby's room for baby to sleep on?

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barbareebaa Fri 24-Jul-09 23:36:10

I have co-slept with my 8 month old since he was 4 months. At the minute I feed him to sleep on our bed (which is a mattress on the floor at the moment - to prevent nasty bumps in the night!!) He will then sleep pretty well until 4a.m when he starts to feed again.
So I was thinking of moving him into his own room (so dh can move off the sofa!)but replicating our current arrangement.

Anyone doing this? Is it working? Is it safe?


B smile

dinny Fri 24-Jul-09 23:42:04

has your dh been on the sofa for 8 months??

barbareebaa Fri 24-Jul-09 23:54:23

Erm... blush
Nooooooo blush blush
It's a long(ish) story... we started off in London, ds never slept very well in cot, then started teething at 4 months - 4 teeth at once, I was knackered and out of my mind. Dh had already moved onto sofa bed as he was working 12 hour days so as I was alone moved ds into bed with me.
So couldn't afford to stay in London after mat pay fin so moved back to yorkshire, stayed with my mum. I bought a bed guard but for double bed at my mums but bed was too small for all of us so dh suggested sofa - short term until we got own place.
Now we have our own place but haven't sorted sleeping. So just trying to work out how we can do it and thought this might work as it's closest to what's working atm
Has been a hard time tbh - lots of issues - tongue-tie, allergic to cows milk, won't take a dummy or a bottle, velcro baby so have had to do most of everything by myself - also no family and few friends in London so been quite alone.
Be's been a struggle!!

ches Sat 25-Jul-09 03:43:34

My cousin moved her LO onto a mattress on the floor at 10 months and her DD magically started sleeping through. Apparently all Montessori babies/kids sleep on the floor. As long as the carpet is regularly vacuumed/not mildewy or floors are regularly swept it's fine. My cousin also found she got an extra 30 min in the morning as her DD would get up and play rather than scream the house down for her.

MadEyeballsMoody Sat 25-Jul-09 07:12:16

Not doing it but intending to with dd. She is in our bed or a cot in our room at the moment, has never slept in the beautiful nursery I put together. So am bypassing that and am going to decorate spare room for her and keep nursery for any more dc. There is a beautiful, almost new single bed in the spare room so I'm just going to take the base away as she's only 18 months.

Cheepz Sat 25-Jul-09 07:23:33

our ds was on a cot mattress on the floor when he was out of the cot and before we bought the bed and was fine for 3 months, helped transition him into proper bed as well

PrincessToadstool Sat 25-Jul-09 07:28:31

My DP was on the sofa for 18 months, so don't worry

seeker Sat 25-Jul-09 07:32:52

My two never had cots. They both went straight from a combination of moses basket/our bed to futon mattress on the floor/our bed. Doesn't seem to have done them any harm!

Not sure how it could be not-safe?

spicemonster Sat 25-Jul-09 08:12:01

Mine is currently sleeping on his cot mattress on the floor. Seems perfectly happy

barbareebaa Sat 25-Jul-09 08:44:41

thank you smile just what I wanted to hear!

The safety thing - I just wondered as he is getting to the age where he can get about whether it is safe for him to be 'on the loose' when i'm not there to supervise!!

or should I be keeping him in our room for a while yet just on a separate mattress?

So pleased it's working for everyone!

ches Sat 25-Jul-09 19:23:09

You need to babyproof his room and either keep the door shut or blocked off with a stair gate.

OldieButGoldie Sat 25-Jul-09 23:05:24

My DS refused to sleep in a cot. He has been on a mattress on the floor in his own room from around his 1st birthday. I baby proofed the room and put a safety gate on the door but tbh he always wakes and cries for me before he would ever think of wandering about the room touching things. The gate really upsets him if it is closed.

So, it starts off with him asleep on his mattress and me in my bed without the gate shut and when he cries I go through and join him for the rest of the night.

I don't have a partner but this would at least get you and your partner back together for part of the night. I would say go for it!

Good luck smile

barbareebaa Sun 26-Jul-09 09:21:03

That sounds lovely OBG smile

I'm definitely going to give this a go I think. Need to get a gate and clear out the room - haven't quite finished unpacking from the move. This gives us something to work towards - thanks again!

LeninGrad Mon 27-Jul-09 07:32:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

barbareebaa Mon 27-Jul-09 22:13:15

I was going to ask what size mattress people were using. I was thinking about a double - more room to join if needed - sounds like a great room leningrad just the sort of space I would like for ds.

I really am going to have to get sorted!

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