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help plz.nearly one-standing in cot, crying and screaming

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mama2leah Fri 24-Jul-09 11:26:43

my dd is going to be one in a few days, she has started to stand in her cot screaming, crying, when you pick her up bring her out the room she is fine and plays by herself.

she has being doing this for a few days.

could she be dropping her morning nap?
she still did this for her afternoon and night time sleep aswel.

im 37 weeks pregnant, exhausted, and my brain in no longer functioning.

plz help me

ches Sat 25-Jul-09 03:47:01

Is it separation anxiety? If you're exhausted, lie on the bed with her and have a cuddle and a nap together.

mrswill Sat 25-Jul-09 19:18:44

I have the same problem throughout the night and for naps too, dd is also one in a few days. Only success ive had is them sleepytot things that you can put all their dummies on, and during the night if i wait to see if she settles herself for a bit, she usually gets interested enough to get down and play with these. Can she get back down from standing up in her cot?

mama2leah Sun 26-Jul-09 15:17:16

she sucks her thumb so can settle herself... i dunno how to help her sleep again..
she may be teething, doesn't have any?

please advice me

NobbyD Mon 27-Jul-09 12:34:03

mama2leah - I had exactly this! I'm sure I wrote a thread on it! My ds is now one but we have been having awful sleep times for a couple of months.

I had no idea what it was - he too would sit up, stand up and scream! Whereas once he would go to sleep by himself at 7, it then felt like he just didn't know how to do it and would stand up and scream.

Does your dd stop screaming when you pick her up, cuddle you and try to fall asleep? But then as soon as you put her down she stands up again? If so, that is exactly what happened to my ds.

Only advice is to ride with it for a while. If a longer hug gets her to sleep then do that for a bit. My ds is now one, the molers are through and is back to sleeping more or less through the night with no settling problems. So it may only be a phase. If she has no teeth as yet then I would most certainly be thinking that they are starting to come through (it might all be happening at once and thats why she can't settle).

Try not to get too upset (I cried every night so I know what its like) as I can assure you it won't last forever. If just for a couple of days, do all the things that people tell you you're not supposed to (bring her to bed with you, give her milk in the night to get her to sleep, cuddle her and let her fall asleep on you) anything to get her to sleep. Then you can decide whether its teething pain or another reason for the screaming, when you have a clear mind.

good luck!

mama2leah Mon 27-Jul-09 13:06:45

nobbyd- thank u so much for your post.
how long should i ride with it? im currently 38weeks the thought of a new baby and a fussy toddler scares me alot.

NobbyD Tue 28-Jul-09 10:03:25

sorry mama2 must have missed the bit where you said you were pg. So I can totally understand you wanting this phase to end!

As far as I can remember the standing up and screaming probably lasted 2 weeks - possibly 3. But we did have 3 months of broken sleep and crying in the night. I'm not sure how much is related but during that period he had molers coming through, thrush in the mouth (ulcers), and then conjunctivitis to top it off!

But I do think a lot of babies go through this standing up screaming phase. When my ds was doing it and I was going MAD, I read a lot into it and it can relate to development stages (i.e. when they start to learn to walk their brains take over and they can find it hard to stay lying down when they need to sleep as their brains tell them to stand and walk!). As soon as ds was walking better he started to stay lying down in his cot more. This would be the same for daytime naps too (whereas he would usually sleep for 2 hours no probs after lunch, suddenly after 45 mins he would stand up and scream - fine when I was with him as I just hugged him, layed on bed and we both slept for another hour - however, at nursery they just got him up which made him very over tired and grumpy!)

Some people have great babies who's development stages don't affect their sleep - I am not so lucky! My ds is now learnign to talk and last night it took 30 mins to get him to stop jabbering away at bedtime so he could go to sleep!

So maybe watch her whilst she is trying to get off to sleep and see what it is that could be waking her. I also hear that 12 months is BIG seperation anxiety pase so that could also be another reason.

If it is teething - try nurofen and calpol together (your dd should be able to have a bigger dose if she is 12months, check the packet). As soon as we gave ds a larger dose and of the both together we had a miracle sleep through!


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