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How am I going to get baby dd & 3yr ds to bed in same room?

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MumofIsaac Thu 23-Jul-09 22:09:23

Hi All

I'm hoping you might be able to offer some advice on how to do this! We've got DD (4 months) in our room at the moment but eventually she's going to have to move into DS's (3yr6ms)room. They both sleep really well smile but have completely different routines.

DH normally puts DS to bed and reads him stories while I quietly b-feed DD and put her down. It's never a quiet affair putting DS to bed and I just wonder how on earth will it work when DD moves in with him. We take them upstairs at the same time but baby is always in bed before DS. There's usually another half an hour of getting washed and reading stories.

Help!!! What do you do??!


ches Fri 24-Jul-09 04:30:32

Put wheels on the cot.

sjcmum Thu 30-Jul-09 10:24:44

how about keeping dd up a bit longer if she'll have it - the more interested she gets in the world, the more she'll want to see what is going on anyway - feed her if you can while DS having his stories and put them down at the same time. Perhaps ask your son to think how he can help, so the idea that he needs to be a bit quieter etc comes from him. Or swap things around. Let your son have stories etc in your room and a bounce around on a double bed (my dd1 loves doing this after bath) while you put dd down in cot, then son creeps in to go to bed.

Good luck?? hoping to get my two in the same room soon, though haven't risked it yet as dd2 such a terrible sleeper....

Tommy Thu 30-Jul-09 10:27:43

we put DS2 (goes to sleep very quickly and before the others) in our bed to go to sleep then DH carries him over to his own bed later after DS3 has gone to sleep.

Not ideal but it works for us

canella Thu 30-Jul-09 10:33:46

my 2 ds's were in the same room from when ds1 was about 2y2m and ds2 was 4m - we used to put the baby down in his cot to sleep at 7pm and do bath/teeth etc with ds1 then go into the boys room to read stories to ds1 - ds2 never woke up - we werent whispering but we werent really loud!

only worked up until ds2 was just over a year, i think, then he listened to the stories too.

more of a nightmare now really (ds1 4.9 and ds2 2.11) - they wont sit and listen together so we're forever having to seperate them and read 2 lots of stories!!

sometimes wish we were back in those days of ds2 sleeping through it all!! envy

myweestars Thu 30-Jul-09 10:40:18

We put ds2 in to share with ds1 when ds1 had just turned 3 an ds2 had just turned 1. It went well to begin with, ds2 would go to bed 7pm and play around and fall asleep, ds2 would go up about an hour later, it was not silent but not a lot of shouting either, he would then go to sleep, all well! Now and again due to noise ds1 would waken ds2, however ds2 would fall back asleep! All well to begin with. It is now 3 months on and ds2 refuses to go to cot! Not sure why but is hysterical, we have to now let him fall asleep in his buggy and then move him to cot!

Fun and games and not easy but sure it will get better! Good luck, you might get on better than you think!

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