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Just when I think we are getting somewhere

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Lilliput Sat 21-May-05 09:00:34

My ds is 14 weeks on Monday and still not sleeping through. He has done three nights sleeping 9 through to 5 and I thought we were making progress but this week it's gone back to waking at 2.30 for a feed and then any time between 4.30 and 6. I think I have made him a little too reliant on his dummy which probably isn't helping now. I'm sure some of you will say that I'm expecting too much from him too soon but my dd slept through from 12 weeks. btw he is breastfed.

Lilliput Sat 21-May-05 09:17:21

come on somebody, any advice or encouragement?

Nik72 Sat 21-May-05 09:42:38

Mine's 12 weeks and still up twice for feeds more often than not. DH & I both shattered....not sure what to do as she gets formula at night so can't even blame breast milk for the short time between feeds. Mind you I did hear that babies who are up a lot at night are super-intelligent if that makes you feel better!!!!

ghosty Sat 21-May-05 11:23:06

I think you are expecting too much ... sorry lilliput ...
My DS slept through from 7pm to 7am at 4 months (bottlefed) and by all accounts that was early. DD (breastfed) only went 11pm to 6 or 7am without a feed at around 5 months and dropped the 11pm feed at 6 months ... she then carried on waking 2x a night for her dummy till she was 9 months. And she was always a good sleeper.
14 weeks is still very young to be sleeping all night. Your DS could be having a growth spurt and is hungry (too early for solids).
Try not to compare him with your DD ... as all babies are different, even with the same genetic history!!!!
Sorry, not much help because you must be tired ...

Seona1973 Sat 21-May-05 13:28:59

I also think you are expecting a bit much too soon. My dd was bottlefed and only did 8pm-6am when she was 5 1/2 months (before that she was waking at 3/4am for a feed). Babies can NEED a night feed up till they are 6 months old (later than that for some babies especially if they are breastfed as bm is digested easier)

I also think your lo could be going through a growth spurt and so I would try and increase the amount of bm you give during the day to try and minimise wakings at night.

highlander Sun 22-May-05 01:00:47

I read somewhere that breastfed babies sleep much less; something to do with stimulation (or not) of the vagal nerve.

My DS is 8 months and still isn't sleeping through.

mum2max Mon 23-May-05 16:35:41

why not try a dreamfeed at about 10 or 11pm. My ds responded very well to that and regularly slep through til 7am after that dreamfeed. He would have his last bf at about 6.30/ 7pm then I would sneak into his room pick him gently, lay him on a pillow on my lap, and give him 1/2 hour bf, when I stopped bf at night he had a bottle of about 5-8oz formula, which he happily drank in his sleep! I dropped this dreamfeed only a few days ago (he is now 6mth and a week) by gradually bringing the amount down and the time forward until we got to only 1oz at 10pm. He hasn't seemed to notice at all. And has been happily sleeping from 7pm til passed 6am EVERY night since (apart from a grizzly couple of teeth nights).
During a growth spurt I did exactly what the book told me (baby whisperer) and did two feeds in his sleep (one at 9pm and one at 11pm)
That also worked a treat. I wouldn't sudden;y start with trying to get 8oz into him though, maybe start at about 4oz and work your way up. Hope that helps.

mum2max Mon 23-May-05 16:36:50

sorry, like to add, that it worked just as well when I was bf in evenings.

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