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Can he really be dropping all daytime naps?

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frazzledgirl Tue 21-Jul-09 14:07:02

DS is 2, and has been a pretty good sleeper for ages.

He dropped his afternoon nap about 6 months ago, and the 10.30am nap had gradually got later and later until now it's about 12.30pm. It lasts about 90 minutes and normally he'll happily go into the cot awake and conk out.

I like it this way smile

BUT the last week he's whinged and complained for more than half an hour and sometimes needed to be patted to sleep - today he took nearly an hour to go to sleep. Y'day, with my parents, he slept for 40 minutes only.

DH and I have both been off work for a week, so he might be a bit unsettled now we're back, or I suppose he might need a later nap. Just please reassure me he can't be going from 90 minutes to no nap at all in the space of a week!
I'm not ready!

FAQinglovely Tue 21-Jul-09 14:09:00

afraid he could be......

DS1 stopped napping (of his own accord) at 18 months,

DS2 stopped napping at about 3 1/2yrs old grin

DS3 has just stopped having his afternoon nap and apart from the first day when he was reall grumpy around dinner time he's cope absolutely fine with it - and is sleeping better at night too - he's 2.2yrs

It's horrible how quickly they go from needing nap to not needing it isn't it

frazzledgirl Tue 21-Jul-09 14:41:03

FAQ - aarrrgh! I LOVE his naps. Although a bit longer in bed in the morning might be nice, but there's only two days a week I can lie in.

Sigh. I was planning to enforce the nap till he turned seven...

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