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7 week old sleeping ALL THE TIME ???

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euromum Mon 20-Jul-09 12:46:27

For the last few days 7 week old ds has been sleeping pretty much literally all the time, apart from around 1.5hrs awake after his morning feed and 2hrs in the evening. He wakes for feeds about every three hrs but falls straight back to sleep afterwards. And though i spend my days in fear that hewill be awake all night, he also seems to sleep well then too, from 11 or 12 till about 5am. In general he's very placid and good at self-settling, so maybe he's just awake while i'm asleep and I don't realise, but I don't think so.

I've tried waking him up or keeping him awake but it's impossible if he wants to be asleep, and he cries and seems so upset if i don't settle him again. Part of me thinks I should just be grateful but it seems weird as he had been getting so alert and smily over the last couple of weeks. I am finding it quite upsetting and sressful as often he wakes just when we have to go out and falls right back to sleep in the car/pram. Also he is awake more on the days dd (2yrs) is not at nursery, as it's noisier, but then she is constantly demanding attention and I can't 'play' with him as much as I would like. It is making me really upset as I'm not off work forever and I feel like we will have hardly spent any time getting to know each other sad.

Any thoughts/advice? I know he should get 14-16hrs sleep a day at this age but I can't imagine how to keep him awake for 8-10 hours. I wonder if he could be ill or hurt or something as he seems so unhappy when he is awake - he has been quite windy so far but it doesn't seem to be that, he just gets so angry until he falls asleep again. He doesn't look happy at all. He's exclusively bf, if that info makes any difference.

Thanks for any help. It sounds daft but it's really bothering me.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Mon 20-Jul-09 17:09:56

It isn't daft if it is bothering you.

As long as you know he isn't unwell and he is eating and filling his nappies, he is obviously sleeping lots as he is growing well.

Try not to worry.

countrylover Mon 20-Jul-09 19:53:19

My DS is exactly the same and he's now nearly 12 weeks. Given the chance and if we're at home all day then he will sleep and sleep and sleep. Only waking every four hours for feed and staying awake for just an hour at a time afterwards. He self settles himself to sleep, loves his cot and started sleeping through the night from 10pm until 7am four days ago.

I think we are just incredibly lucky so seriously enjoy it. DS is only seven weeks old so the real smiling/interacting won't happen for a few weeks yet. Until then I guess he will seem a bit grumpy when awake but I'm guessing in a couple of weeks he'll be all smiles and giggles.

countrylover Mon 20-Jul-09 19:54:41

Sorry I meant to say YOUR DS is only seven weeks old...

McDreamy Mon 20-Jul-09 19:56:41

My DD (now 5 months and fully awake) seemed to take along time to wake up following birth. I remember it going on for weeks and weeks. She just didn't seem to have many "alert" periods during the day. Gradually she became more and more awake - very different from my other 2. Enjoy it and get some rest! (Easier said I know wink)

ches Tue 21-Jul-09 02:32:01

Probably a growth spurt sapping all his energy. If he doesn't perk up in a week or if you get worried, go and see your HV.

BodenGroupie Tue 21-Jul-09 06:12:47

Remember being laughed out of the doctor's surgery when I took DD2 in because she slept too much. I think it was the contrast with DD1 who never slept during the day right from birth.

Make the most of the time to catch up on some sleep yourself, but if you're worried, talk to your HV.

misscreosote Tue 21-Jul-09 08:47:51

Don't worry, DD1 was the same and I was thinking exactly the same as you. Turns out she just needs a lot of sleep, and still sleeps 6.30pm-8am and 2.5 hours in the day at 22 months, given half the chance! She's bright and incredibly active and well developed, so no need to worry that they 'need' the awake time.

DD2 is 6.5 weeks and looks like she's the same - slightly worse the last couple of days as she's had a cold, but she can barely keep awake for an hour after feeds. But... she's sleeping a good long stretch at night. No point keeping him awake when he's getting 'angry' and telling you he wants to be asleep again.

Lots of parents would envy you.... try and just enjoy the snuggly sleepy cuddles and in a couple of months he'll gradually start to stay awake for longer.

euromum Tue 21-Jul-09 09:30:19

Thanks for the reassurance! I was trawling the old threads to see if anyone else had experience this, and feeling like I was the only one - everyone else seems to be dealing with manic non-sleepers!

Countrylover ds loves his cot too, that really seems to be his favourite place as he'd rather lie there even when awake than in his baby gym/bouncing chair. But indeed he is filling nappies etc so I guess he's fine.

Bodengroupie grin at seeing the doctor - I was so nearly going to do that before posting here. Luckily you sensible ladies have calmed my nerves somewhat!

misscreosote Tue 21-Jul-09 10:13:05

PS my MIL was telling me about one of her sisters going to see the docs - her baby took 2 x 8oz bottles at once then slept for 15 hours at a stretch. The doctor did indeed laugh her out of the surgery! grin

BodenGroupie Tue 21-Jul-09 10:48:39

Euromum - DD is now 13 and still sleeps all the time!

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