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Ds getting up at 4;30am

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mieow Fri 09-May-03 06:04:11

I don't know what happening... he used to go to bed at 7 and sleep till 6;30-7. Now because he is so tired by 6 he is going to bed early but he is getting at stupid times. His dad goes to work at 5am and I am sure that this is some of the problem. DS also says that its sunny now and he can get up.
He then comes into my bedroom (which has a noisy door which then wakes up his sisters) so I have two misable toddlers and get moaned at by his teacher that he is tired.
I turn off his lamp once he is asleep at night so I know that isn't keeping him awake but I will have to start keeping him up till 7pm won't I??
I can't get up before 6:30... it makes me grumpy!!!

tigermoth Fri 09-May-03 11:49:14

poor you! I love the light evenings at this time of the year but the light mornings are another matter. Both my sons have gone through early waking phases in the summer. I don't know how old your son is, but could you get up with him for a minute, make him comfortable in the living room, put some cartoons on the TV and go back to bed for another hour or so? My son, aged 3.8 is quite happy to recline on the sofa with some milk, as long as the TV is on.

I also find that early morning wake ups end after a few days, if I can keep my son awake till 7 - ish in the evening. So I think you're right, mieow, you'll just have to keep your son awake for a little longer in the evening. He will be so tired from the accumulated lack of sleep that hopefully he won't stir till later the following morning.

PandaBear Fri 09-May-03 11:52:44

Have you tried putting up a black out blind?

katierocket Fri 09-May-03 12:59:01

oh I know exactly this problem. my DS (19 months) has always been an early riser but it the last few weeks it has been 5.00 - 5.30am. He goes to bed quite early and always has done because when he gets really tired he gets hysterical. The times we have tried to keep him up it has made no difference to his wake up time.
He has a black out blind and so the light mornings aren't waking him up but I think the birds might be (did briefly consider an air rifle )
ANyway, don't know how old your DS is but I have heard something that a friend of my tried with her 3 year old which worked.
Get a light on a timer switch and set it to turn on about 30 mins after he normally wakes up. When he wakes up at 4.30 leave him until 5am and his light has switched on. Then go in and say, light is on now, time to get up. Gradually increase the time the light comes on until a reasonable hour. My friend was adamant that this worked for her although it took about 3 weeks. Eventually, they will start to wake up at the time or just before the time the light comes on (allegedly!) With an older child you can do a similar thing with a clock - so put a picture of a clock set to say 6.30am near their bed and tell them not to get up until their clock matches the time on the picture.

I guess it all depends on the age of the child as to what works but I know how knackering it is constanly getting up at 5-5.30am

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