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Aagh - wake-to-sleep didn't work

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Lovage Thu 16-Jul-09 05:39:08

Tried wake-to-sleep on 9mo just now. Set alarm for 4.15, since he usually wakes between 5 and 5.30. I only disturbed him enough for his breathing to change and him to start twitching a bit. Took ages for me to get back to sleep and then he woke at 4.58, as ever. So I got woken at 11pm, 2.30, 4.15 and now up for the day since 5.

I can't go on like this. I go back to work in a month.

Will try again tonight and wake him more - take him out of hammock and do dreamfeed probably, since that usually works at my bedtime (if I feed him at 10 he goes til 1.30 ish usually, whereas if I leave him, he wakes at 10.30 or 11, just as I've fallen asleep)


Only the first night, and maybe I didn't wake him enough (only til breathing changed and he started twitching a little, didn't get out of hammock or bf)

rubyslippers Thu 16-Jul-09 10:50:36

i have done WTS bu DS was waking at exactly the same time each morning

hmmm - you do need to wake him to the point where he is almost fully awake and leave him to go back to sleep

bippyhippy Thu 16-Jul-09 21:35:16

Wake to sleep never worked for me. I have found that putting the dummy in 10 mins before they're due to wake broke the habit though...

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