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Is it too late for controlled crying at 2yrs

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Clarityeconomics Wed 15-Jul-09 22:35:27

As a dad in nominal charge of sleeptime, I need help. None of our three DSs is a good sleeper (my genes) but DS3 aged 2 takes the biscuit. Perhaps because we didn't do the controlled crying regime that we did with DS1 and DS2 one of us has to stay in DS3's room until he goes to sleep, often as late as 9pm. If we leave him awake he can happily vault out of his cot and walk downstairs. He is cute as chips but we'd rather he went to asleep before the watershed smile. Any advice?

ches Thu 16-Jul-09 04:33:20

Our 2.5yo DS goes to sleep around 9pm because he's in the twilight zone of not really needing the nap but still needing the nap, and when he has it he has 2 hours. We still parent him to sleep because he is STILL teething and whenever we start to make progress with the gradual withdrawal method the teething pain takes hold again and it all was for naught.

2yos have far greater comprehension and TBH leaving them to cry at this age is far kinder than doing so with an infant. At least they understand that it's bedtime and time for sleep and Daddy means business. However, you do owe them a proper explanation and I would not go cold turkey. I think gradual withdrawal is much gentler (each night or every other night or whatever you get further and further from their bed). It's really not so bad sitting outside the room reading a book for half an hour while they drop off.

Other tricks you can try are waiting until he's close to asleep and then saying "Daddy needs to wee, I'll be right back..." The ONE time our DS went to sleep on his own was when I told him I had to have a bath when he fell asleep and he said "Go bath, Mommy" and fell asleep while I did. For some it helps to know what you'll be doing while they're asleep (others just feel they're missing out) and for some it helps if they can hear you pottering in a next-door room.

FaintlyMacabre Thu 16-Jul-09 07:16:56

I've just got a good book about this- s&qid=1247724939&sr=8-1
Might be worth a look?

Clarityeconomics Thu 16-Jul-09 08:59:09

Thanks, Ches. Once DS1 and DS2 are on school hols next week and the bedtime pressure is off I'll follow your tips for DS3. If all fails I'll buy that book, FaintlyMacabre

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