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10 mnth old won't sleep unless on me...

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Smiley01 Wed 15-Jul-09 17:02:49

My DD1 has not been a good sleeper and to be honest most nights I don't get more than 3-4 hours sleep. I'm still waiting for more than 5 hours. shock However for the last 3-4 days she won't go back to sleep in her cot. I end up having to pick her up to calm her - which is immediate - and then she falls asleep on me. I try to put her back in and all hell breaks lose again... Last night she cried on and off for 2 hours... More on than off - Help!!
She happily goes to sleep in her cot at bedtime and was quite sick last week with a rash, plus she's teething, but I just can't keep getting her to sleep on me. Could it be separation anxiety in the middle of the night?
Has anyone else experienced the same? Please tell me it wasn't for long. hmm

CookieDoughIcecream Wed 15-Jul-09 22:10:46

Smiley, I am feeling for you, we are going through a similar experience with getting our 10mth DS off to sleep. He used to go into his cot awake and chat to himself before dropping off. Now he starts screaming before I even reach his room. I am not will to go down the controlled crying route so I will be watching with interest for help.

ches Thu 16-Jul-09 04:37:02

More likely teething pain in the middle of the night.

surelyyoucantbeserious Thu 16-Jul-09 11:28:59

Smiley and CookieDough we are in the same boat... 10 mnth old DS is having trouble going off to sleep without being fed or rocked etc. Also waking a few times each night. He will be calm and happy and sleepy in my arms and then starts screaming as soon as I put him in cot.

Last two nights he has been awake between 1-3am crying.

Been trying controlled crying for a couple of nights which is dreadful. I think picking him up when I go in just angers him so tonight, no pick up.........

Gave Calpol for teething last night, this had no effect. Breastfed once but this didn't settle him. There will be no feed tonight either as I'm sure he's getting enough in the day. Think it's just habit now - he was ill last week so got into bad habits.

Hoping someone has suggestions! Sorry I can't help other than offer moral support. You have my utmost sympathy - it's so tough not getting a good night's sleep. Crossing fingers for you and hope things improve.

Smiley01 Wed 22-Jul-09 17:35:28

Thanks for your sympathy...
I thought things were getting better, but now she has a cough/cold and wakes herself up more.
I too thought it was a habit and tried not picking her up and controlled crying, but the last few nights have been awful with cintinuous coughing and crying!

Plus I had a job interview today, I can honestly say I wasn't on tip top form
Hopefully the sleeplessness is just a mix of teething and a cold and all will return to my normal 3-4 hours night sleeps soon! hmm

ches Fri 24-Jul-09 04:42:22

Smiley twice in the past 2 years I've discovered in the bathroom mirror at lunchtime that my shirt was on inside out. Sleep deprivation sucks, but the cure is going to bed earlier. Sleep when your baby sleeps isn't just for newborns.

CyradisTheSeer Fri 24-Jul-09 05:34:19

Message withdrawn

Smiley01 Tue 28-Jul-09 18:17:21

Hi CyradisTheSeer. I hadn't thought about your suggestion about making sure she is warm and it does makes sense, however my DD is in a sleeping bag and seems to be warm enough...hmm

I've been trying to catch the point before she drops off to sleep on me and is that grogy stage before putting her back in her cot - the idea being she will know where she is when she wakes up and realises I'm not there... Basicaly sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't - who knows the real logic?!!

I find out about the job tomorrow - so fingers crossed

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