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Please tell me I'm not mad ...

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PiperG Wed 15-Jul-09 14:31:30

to have put my 18 month old DS and 3 year old DD in the same bedroom. It's only been a few nights, but so far they have managed to wake each other up several times a night, as well as DS waking around 5 each day and then not going back to sleep and we have to bring him into bed with us. Before we put them in the same room, they would both pretty much sleep all night, and DS if he woke at 5 would yell for a bit before going back to sleep. However with DD in there of course I can't let him yell, so we have to get him up. What to do? I am desperately hoping it will get better ...

Badgerqueen Wed 15-Jul-09 19:54:30

Three options:

1. Stick with it, it takes a couple of weeks but DD will soon ignore his crying and visa versa. Possibly.
2. Leave it till he is older and sleeping later and better (say when he is 12)and have a peaceful time for the time being, but with less space.
3. Buy bigger house.

Its sort of working for us (but not really), but there is always something with one of them and the stress of dancing around and not waking the other is grim. Separating them recently because of illness gave us some really good nights (apart from the night puking).

Anyway don't take advice from me as you know wink we have messed it up at every point and haven't slept properly in a year.

Badgerqueen Wed 15-Jul-09 20:17:42

Oh and you aren't mad you are lovely. Will have to name change now.

PiperG Wed 15-Jul-09 21:04:00

hee hee how funny, I just noticed your other post, Badgerqueen, and thought that must be you ... I thought my days on the Mumsnet Sleep thread were over, but clearly not. Will see how we get on over next few days, but if that DS keeps waking at the crack of dawn, I'm not sure I can cope with this, and will stick them back in their own rooms. Bleurgh. Hope you have managed to get through tonight. I feel for you x

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