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9mo too young to do wake-to-sleep?

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Lovage Wed 15-Jul-09 06:17:53

I've never done wake-to-sleep, but have heard people raving about it. 9mo wakes somewhere between 4.45 and 5.30am and I cannot get him back to sleep by usual bfing, rocking, PUPD, leaving to grizzle in cot (can't leave to cry hard as he wakes his brother who's also a bad sleeper). He's still bfing every 3-4 hours at night as well.

Do you think 9 months is too young to do wake-to-sleep? And when would I do it given the variation in when he wakes? If I woke him at 3.45 I worry he'd just wake again at 5.30, since he does that himself sometimes anyway. And how thoroughly do you wake them anyway? So their eyes open (impossible at the moment as he has conjunctivits which mean his eyelids are stuck together each morning!)? Or just till they protest a bit?

Opinions or experiences very welcome. Thank you!

Lovage Wed 15-Jul-09 19:05:12


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