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help 13m ds only likes falling a sleep in his baby car seat or buggy

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loulabelle222 Thu 19-May-05 10:14:22

For months now my ds loves going to bed in his buggy. At the minute he is asleep in his baby car seat. He grabs his blanket and his dummy climbs in and before i know it he is asleep. In a way i think this is really cute but I know that later on he will need to sleep in his cot. At about 7 I give him a bottle and put him down in his buggy, he goes straight off to sleep ,at about 7.30 I pick him up and put him in his cot and he is down for the night. I really regret even starting to do this as now when ever i try to put him down in his cot to bed he screams and screams. Any idea of how to get his routine into changing from buggy to cot into just his cot?

Laura032004 Fri 20-May-05 08:57:37

Is his car seat one of the first stage ones that you can carry in and out of the car? Could you break that association by getting him the next stage car seat?

Re the buggy and cot - my ds was exactly the same, and no matter how fast asleep he was, he'd wake and scream the second he went into his cot.

Now he has his lunchtime sleep in his buggy, but this is a buggy that is always kept in his bedroom. We had to do CC to get him to sleep in his cot in the evenings, but it worked v.quickly (took about 30mins crying for 3 nights). Now he knows that he's going to sleep in his cot, so when he wakes up in there he can get back to sleep.

HTH a bit?

loulabelle222 Fri 20-May-05 11:01:43

he has got a big car seat, in the car. a few months ago i brought his baby one in from the car and left it in the lounge and now he loves climbing in it and going to sleep. I might try controlled crying but i don't know how i will cope.. i'll try. He has no problems sleeping in his cot he just doesn't like going to sleep in his cot!

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