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BF baby (14 weeks) with no sleep routine

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jasperc163 Mon 13-Jul-09 15:55:25

I am struggling to get dd2 into any kind of routine (or to nap in a cot during the day). With DD1 we had regular nap times etc from about 8 weeks but she was on formula due to feeding issues which i think is the difference.

DD2 is BF and quite a hungry baby, feeds frequently and on demand and a bit of a snacker. This has made sleep routines harder. She is fairly happy and not appearing overtired - she just naps on sofa or in her chair. She also doesnt got to bed until we do (in her own cot in our room) as she feeds most of the evening (DD1 went to bed at 7).

I know i am generally more relaxed about things 2nd time around and also DD2 has to fit in with other things more but am I doing her a disservice by not sorting out proper nap times? She will be going to a childminder 3 days a week at 5.5/6 months where she will (to an extent) have to fit in there with their routines.

any advice?

iloveholidays Mon 13-Jul-09 17:05:03

Don't think you're doing your baby a disservice. She is still very young and sounds like she's more than happy. All babies need different amounts of sleep.

My baby is just over 14 weeks and was demand fed and snacking a lot, especially since the hot weather. I started controlled crying last week and had huge results within 2 days. I know a lot of people will think she is too young, but she's sleeping so much better now (to the point where I think she's sleeping too much!) and so much happier in between. She goes to bed at 7, (although in her own room), dream feed at 10 and then awake 6:30/7, which she wasn't doing before hand. I am also trying to feed every 3 hours, unless she appears really hungry and ensure she is really full before stopping which seems to have stopped the snacking. I think I was taking her off too early.

Do you think she is hungry or just comfort feeding? Also, she maybe having a growth spurt.

Well done on the breastfeeding and good luck!

Wonderstuff Mon 13-Jul-09 17:14:28

I wouldn't worry. I have never been able to get my dd in a routine and I was worried that she would find nursery difficult but she has adapted really well, at nursery and with my mil she has a regular afternoon nap, at home with me she fits in around whatever I'm doing.

I did find when she was younger that she slept less at nursery and made up for it at home, I work Tues-Thurs and she normally only needs an hour (she's 20mo) but on a Friday will sometimes sleep for 3 hours. As long as you are both happy I would go with the flow.

lizmcfizz Mon 13-Jul-09 22:20:21

my baby is 14 weeks too and I've been trying to make sure he naps properly - about half an hour mid morning and mid afternoon and a couple of hours midday (Gina Ford's recommendation) He was sleeping 8-4am but then it's gone wrong with the heat and jabs etc Was advised to concentrate on full feeds in day (I was also taking him off too early) and it's working. He goes down for naps much better (cries for a few mins max) and there's less demand feeding and I feel more able to cope

ches Wed 15-Jul-09 05:03:35

You are doing your DD a wonderful service being so responsive to her needs. She will adjust to her childminder's routine very quickly and there's no way you can prepare her.

jasperc163 Thu 16-Jul-09 15:39:26

thanks everyone. I guess we will just carry on as we are, particularly until i start to mix feed at 5.5 months in preparation for work. I am hoping then it might be a bit easier to get her into some kind of pattern....

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