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Light at the end of the tunnel

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MarmaladeSun Wed 18-May-05 22:51:30

Hi. I wanted to offer a ray of hope to Mums of insomniac babies. DD2 has been what is probably the worst sleeper in the world! I kid you not, at times I was at my wits end with tiredness. It got to the stage where I thought I may be headingtowards PND, which would be most unlike me as I'm one of the happiest people you could meet. Usually nothing gets me down. her worst she was sleeping for THREE minutes and waking up again, and sometimes this carried on all night. I was too much of a wimp to try CC, and I co slept with her which made it marginally better. Now, though, being left to her own devices she has finally figured out, at the age of 10 months, how to sleep. She still doesn't go through the night, but will wake once or maybe twice a night and I have to then wake her up at 7am. It's bliss. I know at times it seems like your world is crashing down around your ears but it DOES get better if you can only sit it out and wait. I hope this helps some of you see that it will sort itself out. Eventually.

Tipex Thu 19-May-05 17:43:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MarmaladeSun Thu 19-May-05 19:44:11

Hi Tipex. No sleep training or change of routine involved; I just let her find her own way. I tried in the early days various ways but she wasn't having any of it, and a while ago, in desperation I tried a milder form of CC, but she cried solidly and almost made herself sick, and when I picked her up she sobbed for about half an hour and wouldn't let go of me. So (me being a wimp) decided to let her do it her way as it caused much less stress to either of us that way. I think what I was trying to say is that you don't have to be rigid with sleep/feeds etc if you don't want to...if it works for you and baby doing things slightly less orthodox then go for it, and don't listen to anyone else telling you it should be done this way or that way. We muddled through and we've come out the other side smiling.

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