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What would you suggest?

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JennyPenny22 Fri 10-Jul-09 23:15:42

We have a bit of a problem. We have DD1 who is 18 months and DD2 who is 11 weeks. DD1 is in the biggest bedroom, in a bed. She will eventually share this room with DD2. DD2 is in our room in a moses basket. DD2 is chunky and is getting too big for her moses basket. I don't think we can keep her in there for more than another week. The plan all along was that we would borrow SILs crib, which is quite a bit bigger than the moses basket but there has been a problem with it and we now can't have it! Don't want to buy a new one now (would have done at the start if we had known!).

Anyway. The cotbed doesn't it in our bedroom. It is up in DD1s room. I have tried putting her to sleep in the day in it but she just cries. Saying that, she does the same with her moses basket in the day! At night, she goes to sleep in the evening down here in her vibro chair and we bring her up with us when we go to bed, change and feed her, then she self settles in her moses basket.

Although I am not that keen on her being in a seperate room to us, she isn't actually that much further away as we live in a small cottage and can leave the doors open. The cotbed is just inside their bedroom.

I just don't know how to do it though. DD1 goes to bed at 6pm when DD2 is not ready at all. She usually sleeps with the door closed as if she wakes and sees one of us walk past - she then won't settle without a bottle of milk. I think if we open the door to go in to put DD2 to bed, she will wake up. Although she should go back to sleep if we give her a bottle of milk.

I think we are going to have to leave the door open. So if one of them wakes up we can get in there quickly to try and avoid the other one waking up. But then when DH gets up for work in the morning DD1 might see him and want to get up.

Sorry I am rambling now! I guess it is helping just writing it down so I can work out a plan!
Does anybody have any tips?

DLI Sat 11-Jul-09 21:23:05

can you separate the bedroom with a curtain rail and have dd1 furthest away from the door?

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