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help! 3 yr old boy sleep issues!

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sar9 Fri 10-Jul-09 20:32:59

Would love some advice. My 3 yr old boy (4 next week)is wearing us all out. He goes to bed OK usually and then about 2 hrs later screaming for daddy. This can happen off and on throughout the night - and I can't calm him down. He is so angry and aggresive, I wouldnt mind if he just needed some cuddles/drink/etc but he is a monster (!) Sometimes he will have a wee (still in night nappies) and that sometimes helps, but usually not.Thought it might be night terrors/bad dream but he is awake. Has anyone else had this problem? It's getting me so down. x

bubblagirl Sat 11-Jul-09 10:50:58

if you speak to hv we were given a sleep therapist who told us to write a diary and then gave us ways to handle night situations it did kind of work for us but we found out ds had ASD so wasn't as productive as should have been but the help and advise from her was fab

it could be night terrors that have woke him up if you know the times and there is a pattern you can go in wake him slightly turn him over about an hr before usual wake and then should settle back off its the ability to fall back asleep alone that needs to be dealt with

but first you need to find what is waking him make sure room is not too hot, has a drink handy night light etc

if wakes at say 10 pm every night go in at 9 wake him so he stirs roll him onto the other side settle him back down and should go back into deep sleep can take few nights its supposed to stop them from getting to the point where night terror will take hold

even if its not night terror it helps to get out of the routine of waking at the same time every night

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