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Those side sleeping bolster contraptions...worth having or just a trap for gullible parents?

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mrsbabookaloo Fri 10-Jul-09 10:06:16

Hi, dd2 is only 2 weeks old but definitely hates sleeping on her back, even when swaddled. We've been letting her sleep on her side, between 2 rolled up blankets, but they're a bit ineffective, and if she sleeps a longer stretch, she ends up on her front.

I've seen those things that you can place them between so they stay on their sides. Does anyone have one? Any success?

Am wary of buying something that is just a gimmick.

mrsbabookaloo Fri 10-Jul-09 12:29:27


marenmj Fri 10-Jul-09 12:40:45

Is there an option for you to try one out, maybe in a Mothercare or similar store and see if your DD likes it?

I have heard of babies who love them and I have heard of babies who roll their faces into the crease, so I didn't get one. My dd prefers sleeping on her side and utterly rejected swaddling so when she was small we would set two pillows parallel and nestle her in the 'v' between them. It kept her on her back and helped her sleep FWIW.

Even now she won't sleep unless she has something cuddled (pillow, stuffie, parent, etc) up to her. I suspect she doesn't like the feeling of lying on her back alone.

MoonchildNo6 Fri 10-Jul-09 17:12:09

My DS1 was a roller from day 1, even got told off in the hospital for putting him to sleep on his side (I hadn't he just kept curling into a ball and rolling). He was also a puker so would often find him in cot face down in milky sick! I tried everything, pillows, towels and the anti roll bars, nothing worked, he would wriggle out of all of them. He's now 5 so it didn't do him any harm, just gave me sleepless nights until he learnt to roll back.

Don't waste your money.

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