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4 MO Waking you could set your clock by Help!

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grayal Fri 10-Jul-09 08:30:03

My 4MO wakes at almost exactly the same time every night. I do the same bedtime routine every night, he settles very well and is usually asleep by 7pm. I do a dream feed (bottle, I bf the rest of the time) at 10pm. Then he invariably wakes at 1.30am. I don't feed him because I know he's not hungry (cos I used to feed him and he was asleep in seconds) so I go in and give him his dummy and he goes straight back to sleep. He will then wake at around 4.30am and this time I do feed him (he's a big boy, 16.6lbs at 3MO). Then he'll sleep til 6.30am.
What I want to do is knock the 1.30am waking time on the head as that is what is keeping me exhausted.
Have any of you had the same problem and how did you overcome it?
Any advice much appreciated.

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