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8 MO suddenly having relly broken sleep, advice appreciated...

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namechangerforareason Thu 09-Jul-09 13:33:23


Firstly thanks for taking time to read our woes and apologies if this has been done before...

My Ds is 34 weeks now.

Since around 9 weeks he has slept from 8-8:30pm til about 5 am where he had a feed and nappy change and back to cot to sleep til about 8am or later.

Dropped the night feed aged 21 weeks and he continued to sleep until around 5 am, nappy change and back to sleep until around 8 or 9 am.

Past few weeks he has gone to bed as per usual but has repeatedly woken up and wont re-settle, sometimes taking over an hour to sleep, usually waking around 6 am to get up. He isnt hungry as we have offered food/milk(didnt want to back track but was so exhausted). He has been teething but got his first 2 teeth through almost 7 weeks ago now, use dentinox get as required and have given calpol when we feel he needs it(dont want to give as routine).

I am at the point of exhaustion. Please can anyone recommend a good sleeping guide/pattern that has worked for them? Got appt with HV next week to discuss issues but to be honest I am so tired I dont think we can wait til then for advice.


Caz x

namechangerforareason Thu 09-Jul-09 13:34:48

Just to add

He wont resettle if nappy wet so not changing nappy not really an option and he refuses a dummy(no bad thing I know)


Prosecco Thu 09-Jul-09 13:37:39

Is it maybe because it is so light in the mronings at the moment? Do you have blackout blinds? Are the windows open because of the heat and he can maybe hear the birds etc?

poppy34 Thu 09-Jul-09 13:39:04

Is he starting to crawl or move more? My dd was similarly good but went feral around this time. We eventually left her to cry for few minutes then resettled her as she was overtired. Also how is tr daily eating - my dd needed/ still needed three big milks a day on top of three meals and snacks. Trouble is/ was getting last meal down her was tricky as she was tired. We just let her stay up a little to get it out her system fr few weeks. Re early waking is it the light getting through blinds in room?

poppy34 Thu 09-Jul-09 13:40:59

Cross posts with prosecco- just been away somewhere where not light in morning and early wakings stopped first day we were away

namechangerforareason Thu 09-Jul-09 13:43:55

prosecco we have got really heavily lined curtains and no light gets in room. The windows are opened slightly but TBH we dont really hear many birds and he can sleep through all sorts usually, thunder, low flying planes etc.

He doesnt nap a great deal throughout the day, has 30-45 mins after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

he has become a very restless sleeper since he has learned to roll onto belly etc. Used to move him back but that was waking him so now leave him if he is comfy and in a safe position.

Check regularly that he is not too hot/cold.

Just at a loss as to what to do now/what has changed!

namechangerforareason Thu 09-Jul-09 13:47:12

His food intake is great daily, usually around 800ml milk plus 3 meals and a snack in afternoon poppy. He takes 240 mls each night before bed after his bath.

Have to go out now, will check back later. Thank you x

Prosecco Thu 09-Jul-09 13:48:51

Babies do change their sleeping patterns all the time.

If he is starting to move around more in the day, he'll also do this at night and may seem as if he is more restless- it is just the different periods of sleep. However, could he by thrashing his hands against the cot when he does so and maybe waking himself up this way? My friend's dd did this and she invested in cot bumpers which helped.

namechangerforareason Thu 09-Jul-09 15:17:37

Had to take his bumper off the cot as he was trying to use it to pull himself up, wee rascal that he is. also started kicking the living daylights out of his cot toys and mobile!

ches Fri 10-Jul-09 03:39:07

I'd vote for more teething and/or separation anxiety setting in. In the past he was obviously settling himself again, but now that he knows that you're around when he can't see you, he's wanting you to come a-running. Separation anxiety does pass. wink

namechangerforareason Fri 10-Jul-09 09:42:48

Thanks to all.

ches think your onto something as he does go mental when I am out of room in daytime!

We had a good night last night, sleeping by 8:10, woke once and settled really quickly and slept til 7:15 all without nappy change!

Mind you he did drink 27oz milk, 3 large meals and a snack yesterday so was probably sleeping all that off!

Thanks again to all for input, greatly appreciatedgrin


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