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Anyone interested in a colic support thread?

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Elsy Thu 09-Jul-09 09:20:41

DD2 is 16 weeks old and still suffering from awful colic. It improved for a few weeks when she was around 10 weeks, but is now worse than it has ever been. She cried 8 until midnight last night, when we gave her some Calpol in desperation and walked her round in the sling until she fell asleep. I am really struggling to cope now as I thought things would have improved by now. Anyone else in the same boat?

EmBM Thu 09-Jul-09 09:45:05

I'm not sure if you're breast feeding but my son was and had terrible colic until the health visitor asked if I was eating grapes -I was by the handful. She said give them up - I did and the colic was gone within 48 hours and has not returned. She also advised against eating raw onion and citrus fruit. I've also heard that dairy and broccoli can aggravate too. We tried Infacol which seemed to reduce it a bit. It will go, bear with him. I know how awful it is - it used to make me cry seeing him in such pain.

Elsy Thu 09-Jul-09 15:05:44

That's helpful. I have been giving up dairy and then lapsing (chocolate is my weakness) but am resolved to try it for at least a fortnight now things are so bad. I did have orange juice yesterday, so I wonder if that bothered her.

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