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How do you teach them to find dummy in the night?

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peckarollover Tue 17-May-05 22:48:31

DS is 20 months and has a dummy.

He USED to sleep through but is now waking up for dummy to be reinserted.

I have tried clipping it to sleeping bag but he seems to either a) not find it or b) I find the clip pulled off and thrown on the floor

He is starting to wake us far more than necessary which is really annoying us as we know he is ONLY waking up for the dummy so needless waking for all of us really.

Any tips gratefully receieved


aloha Tue 17-May-05 22:50:28

I did teach ds, but I taught him when he still had a dummy in the day, by clipping it to his clothes.
Now he is three and still has a dummy (yes, yes, I know!) and he never, ever wakes for it.

JoolsToo Tue 17-May-05 22:51:14

I never did - just had to go in and stagger around in the dark til I located it!

Milliways Tue 17-May-05 23:09:27

We used to leave at least 3 in the cot - glow in the dark ones!! (+ a spare on changing table so we could find in an emergency).

anniebear Sun 22-May-05 15:38:56

My Daughters went to bed with 1 dummy as I didnt like the idea of them having a handful, but when I went up to bed I used to scatter a handful around their head and by their hands so they would have more chance of finding one!!!

I also kept a couple of the on the chest of drawers. Hating having my bum in the air on all fours at 3 in the morning trying to find one!!

I have twins and had so many dummys!!!!

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