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How do I help 11week old DD2 nap happily in her cot?

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Swaliswan Tue 07-Jul-09 10:36:46

The only place DD2 naps happily is in the sling. She can be quite a fitful sleeper in the sling and I find myself subconsciously patting her back everytime she stirs. She sleeps reasonably well at night, generally waking about 4am to feed. She re-settles happily after her night feed. My problem is that I am starting to get a pain in my neck/shoulder from carrying her in the sling so much. Also, my toddler would like some mummy time without DD2 being in the sling. Plus, mummy would like the occasional nap to catch up with sleep and get a bit more energy for looking after a toddler and a baby!

If DD2 does get put into the cot, she either starts to cry when she gets put in or after 10 or 20 minutes of sleeping. Any gentle ideas that I could use even with a noisy toddler around?

Swaliswan Tue 07-Jul-09 20:59:47


ChocOrange05 Tue 07-Jul-09 21:45:44

Hi swaliswan

Didn't want you to go unanswered. My DS was a sling-sleeper until about 8 weeks old when he started getting heavy and painful!

We did a version of shh-pat with DS, putting him in his cot when he was sleepy and as long as he was fed, clean and right temp we wouldn't pick him up but rather sit next to his cot with a hand on his chest and saying "shhh" (at first we would do it till he was asleep then gradually leaving the room when he was calm but awake). It took a while to work but IIRC by about 12/13 weeks he was settling easily and happily for his naps. We didn't crack extending them beyond 45-60 mins until we discovered static radio which plays throughout his nap (fairly loudly), now I wake him after 2 hours.

Consistency is the key for any "routine" to work - naps being a routine so if you try different methods every day they won't get a consistent message. I also have a naptime routine which consists of nappy change, story, in cot with light show (and static radio) on.

HTH - I am not on the comp much at the moment but feel free to CAT me if you want anymore info.

christmasmum Tue 07-Jul-09 21:51:04

Just had to second ChocOrange. I downloaded a recording of a hairdryer onto my ipod and did a 14 hour long playlist of it which I played through a little stereo in her room. Worked an absolute treat to reassure my DD until she started sleeping through and then we stopped using it. She has always slept really well in her cot since then.

Hurray for white noise!

ches Wed 08-Jul-09 03:42:22

At this age, the only way DS would sleep was propped up. I got him a Fisher Price rocker with a kick-stand that turned it into a bed, but it kept him at about a 20-degree incline and he slept much better. (As in, he didn't immediately start screaming the second his back touched the cot.)

With regard to the sling hurting you, you've either got a crap sling or you need help positioning it correctly. A good sling you won't feel a thing. I had a horrid banana-shaped sling which was all I thought a sling was, and it about killed me, but it wasn't until 6 months later that I discovered wrap slings, by which time DS was walking and weighed 23 lb.

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