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22 month old waking during the night

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gembobs Tue 07-Jul-09 01:14:43

My 22 month old daughter has started waking during the night usually around 2-4am, she has been a good sleeper before all this. Daughter will either ask 4 our attention, lay awake or talk 2 her bear, sometimes if we go in 2 her she wants 2 come downstairs, especially if i go in and it can take upto an hour 4 her 2 go bac 2 sleep.

In the last 3 weeks she has just gone in a big bed, also we have just took her Grobag Sleeping Bag off her as she can get out of it so no point putting her in it.

All this night waking is making her tired during the day, she had just started staying awake all day aswell.

There is nothing else wrong with her, so not sure on the cause of the night waking.

beesonmummyshead Tue 07-Jul-09 13:52:24

is she hungry/thirsty? i too have a 22 month old daughter who (ridiculously) still has a bottle of milk at around 3am. I am contemplating stopping it altogether, but know that will involve a battle, whilst at the moment the bottle of milk and a cuddle takes all of 5 minutes and then she sleeps through til 7.

We have, periodically, dropped the bottle, but it does invariably mean she wakes up at 5amish demanding breakfast.

Tis hard isn't it?

Could it be nightmares/teething?

sorry no actual advice, just much sympathy.

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