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Disturbed sleep after being unwell, 17 month old.

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annie08 Sat 04-Jul-09 19:24:47

My 17 month old daughter is usually a reasonably good sleeper, although very easily gets into a routine of waking up or refusing to go to sleep on her own which can be broken with about 3 nights of controlled crying (which is hell for me and often has me in tears but really does work). She had chicken pox a few weeks ago so when she cried in the the night or wanted me to sit with her to go to sleep i did because she was ill. We have now been trying to get her back to her routine for about 2 weeks but nothing is working, she screams when we put her down for a sleep and about three times a night until someone comes to sit with her in her room, it is such a loud and screeching cry i genuinely worry the neighbours will call social services if i leave her too long.(ever since she was a baby she has always had a "help me im being tortured cry!" We have tried leaving her a few times but always end up going in as she just does not stop, which is teaching her that if she cries for long enough we will come. Also tried music, talking down monitor, sitting outside her down talking to her and going back in every few mins to tell her we are here and to go to sleep but all just make her more angry.
Does anyone have any advise? Thanks in advance.

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